Sleeping in public places

On Saturday we spent a glorious afternoon at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Part of what made it glorious was the nap we took on our picnic blanket in a secluded spot. Usually I have a hard time sleeping in public places because I'm always afraid I'll get in trouble. I'll miss my train stop, I'll drool on the person next to me, someone will take my stuff, a policeman will knock on my window and arrest me, you name it. But Saturday I felt nice and safe under a tree, way back where no other visitors wandered. Now I just need to figure out how to make some kind of DIY inflatable neck pillow. Stay tuned for that tutorial. (Yeah, not likely.) And does anyone else struggle against the temptation to eat any wild berry thing you find in the woods? I just wanted to pop one of those green things into my mouth. But I didn't.
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