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Some Top Notch Magazines to Help Passing Time

When you want to pick a high quality magazine that will help you pass the time then you will firstly think about National Geographic. That is indeed an amazing magazine that will only occupy you with weighed information around the world but you will also have it well organized too. Yet, that is not the only magazine that can make you interested about its news but there are any others too. You can have Time that will give you The Strange Case of Haji Bashar Noorzai that is shocking enough. With some trust able information about politics and news around universe then the Time will be a magnificent choice to accompany your morning coffee before going to office. But if you do not like to have such story so early in the morning then you can enjoy lighter topic in Vanity Fair. You can have Demi Moore on Vanity Fair in her pregnant nude photo. That is perfectly shocking and bring out your interest more. With its fascinating news, Vanity Fair always succeeds to make their readers curious more and more about their next story about celebrities. You can also enjoy that news in your morning or evening together with your friends. That will be an interesting topic to discuss together with evening tea.
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Calligraphy gift tags and more

The annual 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads has kicked off at Suite Muffin Suite. Ms. Muffin has designed some lovely hand-drawn calligraphy gift tags you can download and print. Or get desktop wallpapers, printable cards, and decorations from various designers. Check the blog throughout December as new freebies are added!

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Make a geometric origami garland

If you like folding paper, here's a pretty origami garland to try. Each "bead" takes half a sheet of origami paper. (Preferably a different color on each side.) It's time consuming, but I love how it looks. It's a good, repetitive activity to do while watching Christmas movies you've seen a hundred times.

Learn how to make it from Daily Origami's YouTube video tutorial. The design is by Toshie Takahama.

I didn't have a long enough needle to string them, so I used a piece of thin wire bent double at the end to form a hook. I poked holes in the ends of the beads first with a real needle, then used my make-shift needle to pull the thread through.

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