Recycle cardboard into a DIY cell phone charging holder

Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini have made another template for a DIY recycled cardboard project, part of their series for Comieco. This time it's a cell phone holder you hang on the plug-in adapter to hold your phone while it charges. It doesn't cost anything, and travels easily! I made this one from the back cover of a notebook.

Watch their fun how-to video with sound effects and download the PDF template here.

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  2. I couldn't watch the video and that after spending 15 minutes trying to register because there was always something going on with the site.

    Why not use Youtube?

    1. Hi, I'm Sebastiano, one of the designers :-)
      The video is on youtube too:

  3. Hi,
    The idea is great!, not to take credit away, there any risks of fire using cardboard??? should you be looking into other materials for your upgraded version?

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