Sewing is a violent act

That's what the instructor who gave me four free lessons told me, back when I got a sewing machine for Christmas two years ago. She meant because the needle disrupts the woven threads in the cloth. But I think it's because it makes you want to pull your hair out or shoot yourself. This simple little bag took me hours. I had to rip out seams four times (twice because I accidently sewed part of the bag to itself on the other side; once because I forgot to leave a hole to turn it right side out. Once because I just sewed really crooked.) Somehow I always put the pins in facing the wrong direction. I forgot to match up the pattern at the seams, and I forgot to change my bobbin thread color to match the white lining when I did the topstitching. Next time I'm paying someone to make me a bag. Forget this. (Nothing wrong with the tutorial I used, though. Try it out right here. I made the strap about an inch shorter and made the bag 3 inches deeper.)

I tried to redeem the bag by putting an orange binder in it. I think it helps, don't you?
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