Six things

Reinaswan tagged me to list six unremarkable quirks, and I happen to be in the mood to do it. I'll pick three things I like and three things I don't like.

1) I'm sick to death of seeing owls on everything. No more owls, please. (Of course, if you just read that and you make things with owls on them, I'm sure I've offended you terribly. So sorry! You should continue making owl things, because apparently people still love them and you can make a boat load of money.)

2) I get really crabby in airports and crowded, noisy places.

3) I think Crocs are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen.

4) I drank my first mojito last summer and it's my new favorite drink. I'm going to start growing my own mint to feed my habit.

5) I love the Olympics. This is peculiar since I have zero interest in sports otherwise. I wait and wait for an Olympic year to come around, and I'd rather stay home every night to watch the games than go out and have fun with people. Also, I'm so moved by this Adidas commercial and ad, and I think the Beijing Olympic mascots are ingenius.

6) In the last four days I have become addicted to eBay. I've only spent $15, but I can't stop browsing. Help, help!

(Owls on left available here; owl on right available here.)
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