Decorated cups

Some mugs I drew on with one of these pens I got at the local Blick art store.

The pens are locked up in a cabinet so you can't sniff them. Or steal them? I don't really know why. But I felt faintly embarrassed to have to ask for something in a locked cabinet. Like I might be a criminal or something. And of course I threw away the package a long time ago and can't remember the instructions for how to set the ink. I think you bake it for awhile and then it becomes dishwasher safe. I remember dishwashing something I drew on once, and it stayed perfectly. Now I'll have to go back to the store and read the package instructions, but to do that, I have to make them unlock the cabinet again. Sheesh.

Sorry for filing this under "tutorials" because it's not really, but I couldn't think of where else to put it. Once I find the directions again for setting the paint, I'll add them.

Update: Called the store to get the instrux. The upshot is I used the wrong pen. There's not a way to set this pen, and it will never be dishwasher safe. It's not food safe, either. Turns out I used another pen before (which I can't find now). It's coming back to me... I bought this DecoColor marker to use for drawing on canvases I had painted with acrylic— no need to put those in the dishwasher. Heh heh. So now I have a couple nice pencil cups, I guess.
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