How to make cut paper frames

It's like making paper snowflakes, only better! I made these cut paper frames with big pieces of origami paper (got them at Blick; they're 9 3/4" square. Not quite this, but close). On your bulletin board or fridge, you could frame postcards, photos, poems, you name it.

Inspiration came from a Japanese book. I can't read it, but you don't need to. Just fold your piece of paper into quarters, colored side to the inside. Sketch your design on with a pencil, making sure it runs off the edge on the two sides with the fold. (See where I marked "FOLD" on the book's example.) If you don't do this, your frame will fall apart. Then cut it out with an X-acto knife and carefully unfold it.

The photos I printed came from the Condé Nast gallery. They sell reproductions of all the gorgeous magazine images there. Have fun browsing.
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