Iron-on vinyl coasters

At the local fabric store I found some iron-on vinyl to play with. It's pretty neat—you can iron it onto fabric or paper. I tested it by making coasters.

1) Cut out two squares of fabric and vinyl for each coaster.(I wanted to end up with 4" coasters, so I cut my pieces larger than that.)

2) Follow the directions that come with the vinyl to adhere it to your fabric. (Summarized: Pull the paper backing off the vinyl and stick the vinyl to the right side of your fabric. Place the paper backing on top, shiny side down, to protect your iron from the plastic. Iron for 8 seconds, then flip the fabric over and press the back side for 4 seconds. Very easy.)

3) Place two of your newly laminated squares together, vinyl sides out. I secured mine a bit with a fabric gluestick to keep them from sliding around.

4) Mark a square on the fabric with a disappearing fabric marker and sew the pieces together, following your lines.

5) Trim the edges with a pinking shears.

(This heavy-weight fabric is by Trefle, sent by my supplier in Japan, AKA Megumi.)
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