Cut paper wall art

My friend Megumi sent me traditional Japanese kirigami paper-cutting patterns for my birthday, and I was very excited to try it. Foolishly, before even picking up a scissors, I had to make it harder for myself by deciding they would look simply perfect framed in some square Ikea frames I had in the closet. So that meant in order to fit them in the matted opening, I had to reduce the pattern to 40% size. Nothing like starting off easy! But I was bursting with confidence. So here's my first attempt. Not perfect, but I'm happy. Oh my gosh, it's SO FUN to unfold these little guys!

They're 3.5" in diameter. I ironed them to make them flat. Wasn't sure if they'd burst into flames or not, but they lived. Here they are, framed and ready to hang in our bedroom. (See bedroom. Still crazy about our Blik Iron Vines. But there's plenty of wall space left that needs filling.)

And I was so proud of myself, until I saw these. Holy cow. I'm going to go throw myself in front of a bus now. :)
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