An orange skirt from Mum

I have the best Mom. (Known to you all as Grandma G, faithful commenter on my blog posts.) I said, "Mumsy, would you pretty please sew me a pleated orange skirt?" And so she did. I picked McCall's M5591 as the pattern and my Boardwalk print as the fabric since I had some extra yardage. It's home dec weight, so it was an experiment to see what sort of skirt would result. A cute one, it turns out! It's a little bit heavy for summer, I suppose, but I don't care about things like that.

I recruited my husband to take a couple pictures. I'm not a good poser, and thus I have only one arm and one leg in the photo above. But you get the idea.

Look, it has pockets!

And Mum sewed a sweet surprise inside— the selvedge from this print.

For anyone interested making this pattern, here are her comments on McCall's M5591:

The first thing I would say about this pattern is that I don't know how a person is supposed to know what size to buy! I thought most garment patterns have body measurements on the outside of the envelope, but this one had none. Fortunately, the envelope contained four sizes, so Jess was pretty sure one of them would fit her when she bought it. One did, but not the one she thought. Not even close. ;) So the first thing to note is that if you buy this pattern, don't go according to your regular clothing size! Once you get to the pattern pieces inside, they give measurements as to the waist measurement, etc., for each pattern size. I don't know if the large McCall's pattern catalog in the stores has a size chart or not. I would certainly hope so!

The instructions are pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. I'd say it would be helpful to have some sewing experience before making this skirt, because it doesn't include some little things like finishing seams or which way to press them, etc. The only thing I found to be a little challenging was the zipper. Don't let this be your first-ever zipper installation! It was challenging because of the pleat in the center back where the zipper goes. Mine ended up not quite as neat as I'd have liked it, but I didn't redo it because I thought it might not turn out any better the second time... and because I didn't feel like ripping it out and doing it again.

One last quick tip, if you decide to make this skirt: If you use the version where the pockets are in the side seam, make sure that they are turned toward the front of the skirt when you sew on the yoke. It will save you over an hour's worth of seam ripping and resewing. Ahem. ;)
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