A cool way to sell things directly from your blog

Guys, this looks awesome. Have you ever wished you could sell the amazing t-shirt you designed, or the digital magazine you made, or the six tote bags you sewed in a frenzy one night? And you wished you could do it right from Facebook or your blog, so you don't have to set up an entire e-commerce store for a single product? Oh, and you also wished you could sell your thing in a way that looks professional instead of tacky?

I just learned about ShopLocket, a widget you can embed directly on your blog, website, or Facebook page to sell your product. It integrates seamlessly with Paypal, only takes a couple minutes to set up, and doesn't require any coding knowledge. You can choose a design, enter your product info (including variants like size and color, or an expiration time), embed your product on your website like you would a YouTube video, and watch the orders come in. So useful! Learn more at ShopLocket.com.
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