DIY Cathrineholm candleholders

You're probably familiar with Cathrineholm enamelware, a line of iconic kitchen products made by a Norwegian factory that closed in 1970. Vintage Cathrineholm pieces now cost an arm and a leg. But paper is cheap! Perhaps some DIY votive holders will suffice until we win the lottery?

First I wrapped a glass candleholder with a piece of tracing paper and secured it with tape. Anything white and translucent will do the job; try parchment paper, tissue paper, or vellum if you've got some.

Then I made a template, printed it onto colored computer paper, and cut out the designs with an X-acto knife. My votive holders are 2.5" tall and came in a box from Target several years ago. If you have holders of a similar size, feel free to download the PDF.

Or, if you have a Silhouette machine, you can download the .studio file and scale as needed. Warning: I haven't tested it! If you try to cut with it, let me know how it goes.

Or, if you hate computers, just sketch out the design by hand and wing it. It'll be super.

Layer the cut paper over the white paper and secure with more tape. Done.

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