Make a self-zipping coin purse from a ribbon

Look what came in the mail today from my mom. That's some 7/8" ribbon I designed. Attached to a zipper. And lined with fabric on the back.

You start zipping, around and around.

And you get a coin purse!

These are made following Craft Passion's ingenious tutorial right here.

Grandma G's notes: "I followed the directions pretty much to the letter on the sewing-themed pouch, except that I did a traditional backstitch because I wasn't clear on exactly how she did hers. For the squirrel one, I again did the traditional backstitch because it ends up looking like a sewing machine stitch, and then I sewed by machine where I could to save a little time. The pouches don't need to be lined, but I'm glad I did it. Not only does the lining give a more finished look, but it also adds to the stability of the pouch."

Thank you, Mum! I already know what I'm going to use these for.

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