Recent orange gifts

I had to share my little collection of orange Christmas presents with you because I'm giddy with happiness.
1. Staple free stapler, found somewhere by Alex.
2. Spoon and fork chopstick rests, found somewhere in Japan by Megumi.
3. Trim little pencil case... sheepishly, I confess I bought this for myself. Thank you, self.
4. Orange masking tape from West Elm's stocking stuffer section. Thank you, Alex.
5. Lion masking tape, found somewhere in Japan. Domo arigato, Megumi.
6. Felt coaster set, found in a shop in China located just upstairs from Karls Jr. and next to a Krispy Kreme. Xie xie, Heather and Tyler!

Let's see that tape a little more closely. Aw, the cuteness!
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