That looks familiar

Here's a collection of products sent in by blog readers. These items hit the market after my fabrics came out, and they look a little familiar, right? Certainly we designers can't help being influenced by what we see around us, and genuine coincidences do occur in the design world. Please enjoy these coincidences.

Above are some of my prints.

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Cute pillows and wall hangings! Looks a little bit like my Calliope print. This company agrees that the design is identical, but insists their artist created it independently. The name of my fabric collection is Amusement Park, with prints called Parade, Fireworks, Calliope, and Boardwalk. The names of other prints in this company's collection are Carnival and Carousel. Fabulous! I wish I could meet this other designer, because clearly we are twins separated at birth and would be best friends.

This company likes the Calliope motif, but thought it might look just a little better with the addition of black dots.

Could we see it in a photo card?

Have fun buttoning your clown shirt.

Unless these product photos are misleading, it looks like these guys couldn't afford the third ink color in their Fireworks print. Sadly the economic downturn has affected everyone.
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