Experimental cork trivets

Recently I bought a pack of plain cork trivets for a couple bucks at IKEA. Very functional, but no fun. They needed decoration. To make this super easy project, you'll need:

A cork trivet
Self adhesive cork on a roll (usually sold with regular shelf liner and contact paper at Target or Home Depot)
Acrylic paint and a brush
Scissors or craft knife and cutting mat

1. On the self-adhesive cork backing, trace around the trivet. Draw a design inside. Don't get too tricky or it will be hard to cut.

If your cork is curly from being rolled, ironing will help flatten it. I took a guess and used the cotton setting, because cork and cotton both start with c. (Kidding. Do not iron based on the alphabet.)

2. Cut out the design with a scissors or craft knife.

3. Paint the trivet so your cutouts will show up nicely. Let dry.

4. Peel the backing off your cork pieces and stick them on. Done.

What I learned:
Leave your cork pieces unpainted or a hot pan will stick to them, no matter how cute they are.
Brushing on paint will get it into little nooks and crannies better than using spray paint.
If you choose to spray paint, don't use your finger to smear it into the crannies. Cooking oil, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish remover will not take spray paint off your finger. An abrasive sponge will, but it will be uncomfortable.
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