DIY tuxedo t-shirt download

Thanks to the magic of inkjet iron-ons, Alex will be able to attend our Oscars shindig dressed appropriately. If you're going to watch TV for four hours, you might as well be comfortable. I, on the other hand, will be aiming for the red carpet worst-dressed list in a black and gold $5 thrift store gown.

You're welcome to download my version of the ever popular tuxedo t-shirt and make your own. Print it on iron-on transfer paper, available at office stores, and transfer the image to a t-shirt. The iron-on paper I have is letter-sized and of course I wanted the image larger than that for Alex's manly chest. So I printed the design on two pieces of paper, cut out the halves, and spliced them together when ironing them on. To download that 2-page PDF, click here. If you'd like the design as one piece, click here. You could reduce it to fit on one sheet for making kid shirts or baby onesies. For personal use only, please, not commercial. Enjoy.

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