Bye bye, Etsy shop

Speaking of Etsy, I've decided to close up my shop. I just don't have time to create and photograph and list and weigh and package and mail stuff anymore, along with my regular design work. Somebody should make an online quiz for people considering starting an Etsy shop. My result would have said: "Bookkeeping, repetitive tasks, standing in line at the post office, and earning approximately 10 cents an hour will make you want to shoot yourself. Consider other work." Then I would have ignored the result and tried it anyway, of course, just to see. I did love the thrill of creating designs and products, but I can find ways to do that without running my own shop.

Sewer/Mom, I'll miss bossing you around. I really enjoyed the power trip. Everyone else, thank you so much for all your support and encouragement, and the hundreds of purchases you made. Onward!
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