Fun for the long weekend

This is my last post until next week. Happy Thanksgiving! If cooking a turkey isn't enough to keep you busy in the meantime, consider testing the reading level of your blog.
We all must be very smart if I'm writing and you're reading at this level. I seriously question the reliability of this test. (Via the Right Steel Navy.)

If you want to further test your vocabulary, visit Apparently for each word you get right, they donate ten grains of rice through the UN to end world hunger. My vocab level came up 40 and I just donated 130 grains of rice, so I feel I've done my part and can now stuff myself on green bean casserole without any guilt. But seriously, this would be a fun way to build your vocabulary. (Via BB-Blog.)

P.S. After some internet research, I found an estimate saying it takes about 3,500 grains of rice to feed one person. Looking at the "Totals" page on FreeRice is interesting.
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