To etsy, or not to etsy

I've gotten a handful of emails and comments from people asking if I sell stuff anywhere. I don't. But I've thought about it a lot, and wavered continuously. Help me. I'm so indecisive. Here's the deal: I don't have any interest in making any two things exactly alike, and 3 or 4 is the most I can make of stuff that's even remotely similar before I'm bored to death. I'll never be the person who makes hundreds of cute coin purses and sells them at craft fairs. I just like trying different kinds of projects, and then helping other people figure out how to do them, too, because it's fun. I'll stick with graphic design as the way to make money.

BUT, I do need a way to get rid any decent stuff I've made. Maybe sell it on etsy?

So I bet a bunch of you who are reading this have etsy shops. Do you like it? Is it fun? Do you feel like you're being adequately compensated for the time you spend making your stuff? How do you figure out how to price stuff and package things? (For example, how do you mail a small brown canvas with vines painted on it--just hypothetically, of course :) How do you know how much postage will cost, so you can add the price to your item listing? And does all the packing, emailing, shipping and managing suck up tons of time?

Do you feel pressure to keep putting new stuff in your shop? Does it ever sit empty for a long time, when you get sick of making stuff? Is there anything you don't like about having an etsy shop? Should I do it? These are the things I wonder. Please, advise me if you have any thoughts!
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