A peek inside my home office

I'm admiring people's arty walls over at decor8, and got inspired to post some pix of what I'm looking at right now as I sit here and type.

Alex and I each have a desk. That's mine on the left. He (an engineer) decided to have an inspiration board too, to help him get in touch with his creative side. He's so adorable and great.

Bet you've seen this stuff on our Art Shelf before--my paintings that I need to do something with, and a Mark Rothko print.

These are our cheapo but nice and functional lights and shelves from Ikea.

This is what's on my bulletin board. Jesus, hippos, and counterfeit money. The $70 cracks me up. It's the payment I received in the mail from a friend in exchange for some little illustrations for a project she was doing. Yep, I'm making the big bucks. :)

This is what's on Alex's board. He enjoys trying to cook eggs, especially poached eggs. After countless experiments and attempts, he has finally perfected his technique. And I don't know who that feisty looking military man is.

This is my good old computer. I know, I'm a little behind.
[July update: Bye bye, old computer. Hello new mac + 20-inch monitor!)

Here's my wastebasket from CB2.

This is a Kleenex box from Target. It makes me happy. I'm so glad somebody finally started making more attractive boxes. Good job, Kleenex. Did you know you can even design your own Kleenex box? That's nutty.

Here's a cool plastic coaster I got in Tokyo at FrancFranc. Four different designs came in a translucent plastic envelope, and I love them. I sent one set to a friend, but didn't have the heart to part with the other one. If you check out FrancFranc online, don't miss the calendar wallpaper downloads.

And that concludes this tour of my desk. See, my whole office isn't orange! That would be a little much, even for me.
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