Wine glass flags: printable template

Awhile back a friend asked if I had any wine glass charms to help guests avoid mixing up their glasses at her party. (This sort of thing, for example.) I did not. But it occurs to me that it would be A) easy to make your own and B) nice to customize the colors to match your dishes, the current holiday, or your party theme. Plus it might be nice to have a tag you can write on, since after a few glasses of wine, can anyone really remember if they had the blue charm or the green one? (Then again, after a few glasses of wine, maybe you don't care whose glass you drink out of, either.)

If you'd like to make your own wine glass flags, I've made a printable template. Print the PDF at 100% onto solid or patterned paper, cut out the tags, and wrap them around glass stems using the slits to secure them.

Each guest could grab a tag and write their name on it. Or you could open the PDF in Adobe Illustrator, if you have it, and type names or messages yourself. Or open it in Adobe Reader and use the Typewriter tool. If you want water-resistant tags that might survive a few parties, laminate your sheet of paper with strips of packing tape on the front and back sides and provide a dry-erase pen for guests' names.

Download the template file right here.

I'll post an alternate design tomorrow.
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