I'm a lucky girl

Look at the fabulous things I got for my birthday last week! Alex took my non-subtle hint and tracked down that Pantone mug at Chicago's Sprout Home. Awww. I'm also now the proud owner of this gorgeous lasercut wooden pendant by molly m designs and this comfy graphic shirt by SkunkFunk. If you like clothes, check out SkunkFunk's collection. They use eco-friendly fabrics, and their website makes me want everything. These last two items are from P+L Boutique in Chicago, a friendly shop I discovered recently. They tie up their packages with orange ribbon and slip them into orange polka-dot bags, so of course I was charmed.

I also received exotic gifts from the orient: the Japanese movies Dolls and Departures, and a kitchen sponge shaped like an orange. Life doesn't get much better than that.
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