DIY paper medallions

I felt like making something pretty.

We're going on an official date tonight, so to set the mood, I've stuck these in secret places for Mr. Jones to find when he gets home from work. Granted, he's not the sort of guy to get wildly excited about small, cute paper things, but I hope he will at least appreciate the sentiment. I don't have the ability to handmake him an iPad, so this will have to do.

To make make a mini medallion:
1. Cut a 3/4" strip off a piece of 6" origami paper and accordian fold it to create tiny pleats.

2. Join the ends together with a bit of glue or double-stick tape.

3. Cut a couple sizes of cardstock circles to layer for the center.

4. Press the pleated circle flat and glue your center circles onto it. It will want to pop back up, so set a quarter or something lightweight on top until it dries. Or hold it down with one hand while you surf the internet with the other, my chosen method.

5. Cut more paper into ribbon tails and glue them to the back.

To make larger medallions, cut wider paper strips and splice several accordian-folded pieces together.

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