Vancouver Olympics mascots

My name is Jessica and I'm an Olympics addict. I have zero interest in sports outside of two weeks every two years. Then if I could have my way, I'd never leave my house at night so I could stay permanently glued to my TV set. I love watching people who work really, really hard experience the sheer joy of victory. I also like watching people fall down and get back up again. Human beings are amazing and bewildering creatures.

Wow, I'm chatty this morning. What I set out to mention was Vancouver's completely adorable Olympics mascots, created by the design studio Meomi. The Olympics have had mascots since 1968, and these characters must be among the cutest. According to the Vancouver Olympic committee, Miga is a snowboarding Orca whale-turned-bear, Quatchi is a shy and gentle sasquatch, and Sumi is an animal spirit who wears an orca whale hat, has the wings of a thunderbird, and the legs of a black bear. So round up the kiddies and send them to the official mascot site, where they can watch videos, play games, download desktop wallpaper, print coloring pages, and make paper models of these guys. Awww.
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