Recycled magazine baskets

Some buddies came over last night and we made magazine baskets. My paper weaving phase is getting out of control. In the spirit of spontaneous DIY experimentation, we decided to create a new drink, whereupon we mixed peach vodka, raspberry lemonade, and Venetian Carnival Pinot Grigio (purchased for its exciting label). Not good; don't do it. Since we didn't drink much of the stuff, our baskets turned out pretty well.

To make these, cut about 10 magazine pages into 2.5" strips vertically. Fold each strip in half lengthwise, then into thirds with the cut edges to the inside. (See folding pictures here, but don't do step D.) Then follow the guidelines here. Staples are too big to secure your strips in strategic places, so I used Zots glue dots. You could also use tiny pieces of double stick tape. I glued the strip around the rim with craft glue. These little baskets are about 4.5" square.
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