Going to Quilt Market

It turns out there's going to be a last-minute Jessica Jones booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston in a couple weeks. Caroline Devoy of JCaroline Creative is feverishly upholstering things and printing things and ordering things and sewing things, probably right at this exact minute. She is one amazing woman. Meanwhile, I sit up here in Chicago feeling guilty that I'm not more help.

I've never been to a fabric trade show before, so I'm not sure what to expect. I checked out the Quilt Market website to learn more, and the very first link on the page is for scooter rentals. Awesome. I should probably reserve one for Caroline since she'll be very tired by then. And I'm working on my quilted vest and appliqued pants right now. Oh, and I whipped up some postcards to give away as freebies at our booth, #116.

(I should add that this trade show is not open to the general public, just fabric stores and vendors and such. Bummer. Maybe I can have the rest of you all over to my apartment when I get back. I wish!)
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