Back from Quilt Market

I'm back from the fall 2008 International Quilt Market in Houston. This is the JCaroline booth where my non-quilting fabric was on display. (Click photo to view larger.) I found out last night that our little orange room won the award for Best New Exhibitor!

I arrived in Houston on Thursday night and got a tour of Caroline's immaculate warehouse, followed by an awesome dinner prepared by her husband. I got to chat with Olivia a little bit, too, who is quite friendly and also enjoys hammers and drinking syrup straight from the bottle. Friday was set-up day at the convention center, followed by the Fabric 2.0 party hosted by JCaroline, Michael Miller, Moda, and Etsy. Saturday was the first day of the show.

Here's a photo to give you an idea. This is probably one quarter of the whole thing.

Although I was hoping to ride on a scooter, I did not get the chance.

I loved getting to meet people in person that I've only known through emails and blogs. I was going to list a bunch of them here, but then was afraid I'd forget someone and hurt their feelings. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, you know who you are. It was a pleasure. And if at any point I sounded like a moron when speaking to you, it was probably because I'm an introvert and the circuits in my brain were completely fried by all the activity. I got home yesterday and told Alex, "I'll eat some dessert with you as soon as I unpack my pictures. Pictures? No, I mean, condiments. No. I mean, toiletries." No joke.

And I'd better recover today, because tomorrow I'm going to another trade show for my other career in which I am a graphic designer. Graph Expo, a colossal printing trade show here in Chicago. Bye for now.

(Update for people inquiring about the paint colors in the booth: Sherwin Williams Tango SW 6649, Exciting Orange SW 6647, Interactive Cream SW 6113. Tinted primer is recommended for getting good coverage on the oranges; inquire at your paint store.)
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