How about beige?

Just kidding. This is what our guest bedroom looked like after we packed up the airbed and acquired our neighbors' used futon. As awesome as this looks, I decided we could do better.

Ta da! Here's our new "den," as we shall call it. Still functions as a guest room, but now we can use it for other things besides storing an enormous queen size Aerobed.

Here's my freehanded wall art. I learned it's enormously scary to stand in front of a freshly painted Japanese Maple wall with a loaded paintbrush in your hand. I used a white pastel pencil to make tiny marks for the top, bottom, left and right edges of where the tree should go, and then I held my breath and hoped for the best. The little canvases are 5"x5". Their design might look familiar...

I love this Ikea fabric I bought to make pillows and the wall art (I'll tell you next time how to stretch it.) And this bookcase, also from Ikea, is cool because you can put in drawer units, cupboard doors, or wicker baskets as you like. I've got a mix of drawers and baskets for crafty stuff.

Here's a little reading/writing table. And that concludes your tour of this enormous 10'x13' room.

[P.S. Remember when I was going to paint it orange? I changed my mind at the very last second and made it a dark color, just to see what it would be like. I think I love it.]

[P.P.S. To clear up a bit of confusion: the paint color on the wall is called Japanese Maple. I didn't mean it's a Japanese Maple tree. I don't know what kind of tree it is. It's just a tree.]
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