Grow a Magic Garden

I bought this little kit for $4.99 at Art Effect, thinking it would be a goofy little thing to add to somebody's care package sometime. But... it kept calling my name, and against my will, I succumbed to the urge to open it up and try it out myself. And it turned out to be FASCINATING! The kit comes with flat, boring paper shapes you open up and stand in a tray, and then you add various packets of clear liquid to each tray compartment. In 2 hours, you start to see pink buds. In 12 hours, it looks like this!

I'm amazed. Some kind of salt crystals grow. But why? How? Must be magic. This crappy picture I took does not do it justice. You should get yourself one. Or if you're too dignified, at least give one to a kid you know.
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