DIY origami-style necklace

Here's an origami jewelry experiment that's useful if you're broke, or if your eyeballs enjoy looking at folded paper. (Speaking of crafts for the fiscally challenged, Amy Sedaris' book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is hilarious. But I digress.)

This pleated paper necklace is made with paper, glue, and inexpensive jewelry parts. I bought this length of chain for $1 and the lobster clasp for 45 cents at a local hobby store. Jump rings were a penny each, or available in a package like this. Attach the clasp to the chain using the rings and a pliers. You could also find a necklace at a thrift store or use an old chain you already have, cutting it at the center to create two loose ends. Set it aside until the paper pendant is ready.

Cut an odd number of squares of paper, any size you like. Mine were 1.5" square, and I cut 7 of them.

Accordian-fold each square. (I fold the square in half, then fold each panel in half again until the panels are too small to continue folding.) Fold the accordian in half and secure the adjacent panels with glue to create a fan shape.

Glue the fans together, alternating them right-side up and upside-down.

I added a coat of clear Krylon acrylic spray as a sealer, which seemed to have no visible effect. Maybe a coat of Hard Coat Mod Podge or clear nail polish would be a good experiment?

Attach chains to each end of the paper structure. Sandwich the chain inside the outermost accordion fold, add a dot of hot glue and press the flap shut.

Of course I had to try an orange necklace, but if it reminds you of deer hunting or construction zones, white or metallic paper would be nice. Or try making one out of stiffened fabric.

For other paper jewelry projects, see here and here.
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