2012 Oscar bingo and ballot

Hosting an Oscars party on Feb. 26? I've made up 20 different Oscar bingo cards you can print out, along with a matching ballot for guessing the Academy Award winners. And like every year, a big disclaimer for the game: it might be possible to win ten minutes into the telecast, or maybe there won't be any winners at all. Who knows? But based on personal experience, I can say it's really fun to play.

A bingo refresher: The first person to mark off five squares in a line wins. It could be a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, and the center square counts as a freebie.

To keep the PDF file sizes smaller, I've split the bingo set into two files of ten pages each. Save a file to your computer, open it in Adobe Reader, and print the number of pages you need at 100% size.

Download the first set of 10 cards.
Download the second set of 10 cards.
Download the ballot.

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