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I'm pleased to announce that my new-and-improved portfolio website is up and running! Blogging here at How About Orange is a fun side project, but the majority of my work is graphic design for businesses: logos, brochures, various sorts of marketing materials. My old site was tricky for me to update since I don't know much about coding, and it needed to be more informative for prospective clients.

The new site is built by Wordpress guru Jenn de la Fuente of Rosebud Designs. I shopped around a bit for someone to build this, and Jenn really impressed me with her skills and responsiveness. She transformed my Photoshop layouts into a website that's super easy to update. I can change any of the content whenever I want— add new case studies, more work samples, switch out text, insert pictures of kittens, anything I feel like. Jenn gives clients a demo over the phone plus a manual for how to use their new site. All I have to do is follow the clear directions, and I'm not even worried I'm going to break anything or make it explode. She's fantastic to work with, so if you're looking for someone to build a website for you, hire Jenn. (But not too many of you, or she'll get too busy and I won't be able to book her for future projects.)
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  1. Congratulations for having a new self-hosted website! That way, you’ll be able to expand your business into something bigger. I wish you all the best. Anyway, I just browsed your portfolio website and I was amazed by your works. The way you manipulated every design are awesome. Special mention to the logos you’ve done for they look so professional!
    Lesli Dyson