Various How About Orange sightings

Dorkys Ramos, New York City magazine writer extraordinaire who blogs at Dry as Toast, has posted an interview with me today in which I blabber on about blenders, running an Etsy shop, and the color orange. Read it right here.

How About Orange also received a brief mention at Women's Health Magazine this week. They linked to my post about Kimanh's recipe cards, in which I stated my love for carbs. Now I fear they're secretly judging me.

Finally, thank you to Flipboard for featuring How About Orange in the "Living" section of the Flipboard app. Look at that: sandwiched between Bob Vila and Oprah. It doesn't get much better than that. For those who aren't familiar with Flipboard, it's a free social magazine app for the iPad. Load it up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, favorite blogs and news sites, then read them all like a magazine, turning pages as you go. I use it. I love it.
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