I managed to sew a little bag

I made a little cross-body zippered pouch with a scrap of the Tulip print from Outside Oslo. It's about 9" square. I mimicked the format of a sweet little bag sent to me by Nathalie awhile back (thank you, thank you!)—the size and shape are nice for carrying a wallet and just a couple other goodies while out running around.

I'm still a sewing dabbler and don't expect I'll ever be interested enough to be great at it. The process always makes me impatient and I have to fight the urge to quit halfway through. Usually because I've sewn something shut accidentally or didn't notice I was using basting stitches until halfway through my project. I'll leave the fancy sewing to others, like my mom who has promised to make me a travel bag from this new fabric collection. (See, Mum, I said it on my blog so there's no backing out now.)

Update: The travel bag is awesome.
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