What the heck is a skiff?

Images from Firehouse Pipes and The Columbus Dispatch

I've heard that a couple of the names I've given my fabric prints are mysterious, so here's a clarification. The print above is named Calliope. Not after the Greek muse of poetry, but after the musical instrument powered by steam. They were often housed in ornate wagons pulled by horses in circuses.

Renoir's "The Skiff" from Renoir Gallery and a wooden skiff from Lowell's Boat Shop

As for my Skiff print, it's a type of small boat. But if it pleases you to think of this design as a wink, a smile, an eyelash, or waves, go right ahead. If you're generally a grumpy sort, you can turn these upside down and think of them as frowns. But the light blue and yellow colors might be a little too peppy for that to be very convincing.
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