Outside Oslo is now available!

News! My new fabric line has just arrived at The Needle Shop and is available for purchase retail and wholesale. The bolts are eagerly standing by, holding their breath in hopes that some kind and discerning people like yourselves will give them a good home.

Guys, I'm in love with these. I can't even decide which is my favorite. I'm leaning toward the Wildflower print in Dawn, above, just because it contains maximum orange. But I think they're all delicious and one should not discriminate amongst one's children.

The set of six Dawn designs are printed on natural canvas, so the backgrounds are sort of a cream color and contain cool little cotton flecks. The Dusk designs are printed on crisp white.

Why is this collection named Outside Oslo, you ask? These prints have a bit of a mid-century vibe and look somewhat Scandinavian to me. Relatives on my mom's side of the family came from Norway. The prints are all named after things you might see on a nature walk somewhere outside a city, and I always adore alliteration. Thus, Outside Oslo.

Above is the complete Dawn colorway.

And above is the complete Dusk colorway.

You can now buy these from The Needle Shop online right here or in the store if you're in Chicago. For a list of stockists around the country, plus a few international shops, click here. And if you know of a store or manufacturer who might be interested in a wholesale order, send them here. I can't wait to see what people make with these!

Update: For some peeks at the fabric in action, see here.
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