Meet my friend Xyron

I didn't have any self-adhesive label paper in the house when I was printing gift tags, so I pulled out my Xyron machine. I first used one of these at a design firm to mount prints onto presentation boards, but it's so useful I decided I needed one for home, too. It's light years better than glue, little pieces of double-stick tape, or spray mount that takes two days to wear off of your fingers.

Place a sheet of paper on the tray and turn the crank to run it through the machine. As it feeds through the Xyron device, the paper is sandwiched between a clear plastic top sheet and an acid-free adhesive layer with a paper backing.

Peel off the top sheet and cut your print into stickers if you like. Then just peel the paper backing off each sticker to use them.

This machine will also laminate paper and make magnets with a laminate finish. The current model looks slightly different than my older one; you can find it here, at the major craft stores, or at Dick Blick and Amazon—cheaper!
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