Make fabric prints with tape

I'm still on that tape kick. I have a deep love for anything self-adhesive; peeling and sticking are two of my all-time favorite activities. So I tried an experiment with painter's tape to make a pattern on fabric.

You'll need: fabric, a measuring tape or yardstick, scissors, masking or painter's tape, fabric paint (I like Jacquard Textile Color), a foam brush, a protective surface of some kind, and any sewing supplies you'll need to turn the painted fabric into something.

I decided to make simple envelope pillow cover. It's the easiest home decor sewing project there is—four straight seams and you're done. For pillow cover instructions, see here.

To prepare your fabric, cut out a piece a few inches larger than the total amount you'll need for your project.

With painter's tape, make a pattern on your fabric. I thought the torn edges of the tape were interesting, but you could cut your tape if you like things straight. I varied the width of the tape pieces for a little variety.

Place the taped-up fabric on a plastic tablecloth or other protective surface. Some paint might seep through to the back side of the fabric and you probably don't want a checkerboard on your dining room table. You might even tape the fabric to the plastic to keep it from sliding around. Then dab on the fabric paint with a foam brush, filling each tapeless area.

Let the fabric dry, then pull off the tape pieces. Set the paint by following the manufacturer's instructions; usually ironing it will do it.

Then sew the fabric into something nice.
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