What I was doing at midnight

Let's pretend you're planning an event and you need a way for guests with business cards to display them. Oh yeah, and you have no budget. I present to you: DIY business card trays. (Cardstock that's accordian folded and glued to foam board. Fancy.)

These are the Craft Social business cards I whipped up. We can write in the date and time for future events and give to friends or leave them with businesses. It must have worked, because we've hit the limit for sign-ups. Looks like we'll have 150+. I put a couple cards in the rack to test it, and in my sleepy delirium, just kept going because it was fun.

Photographer needed on Friday night UPDATE: Got one, thanks!
I know all this Craft Social talk must be excruciatingly boring for all the non-Chicagoans, but bear with me for one last thing: Is anyone planning to attend the Social who's good with a camera? Our photographer from last time can't make it, and we'd love to have some halfway decent pix from the night. If you're up for taking some shots, email me. And, uh, we can't pay you, but we might throw your name around some.
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