The second Chicago Craft Social

A random sampling of photos from the August 14 Craft Social:

We oohed and ahed over Edwin Monfero's fruit sculpture demo.

A shot of the room. With a couple guys there in the foreground making advanced paper airplanes. Way to represent, gentlemen.

Selecting paper requires extreme concentration.

Looks like this lovely woman is stitching something funny onto a dinner napkin.

Meet two of the four organizers, Megan Heep, center, and Megan Hall, right. Megan Heep just posted the instructions for this Green Clean Sample Kit project on her blog if you want to try it out. It was determined you must add the ingredients in the correct order, or you'll make cement. Oops.)

And last but not least, I give you: Mr. Jones! Yes, the engineer came to craft night because he loves me. He made a bunch of spiral bound notebooks with exquisite craftsmanship. What a guy.

A huge thank you goes to Jessie Stevens of Simply Jessie Photography who donated her time and talent. Jessie is hosting an afternoon Open House and evening Launch Party on Sept. 19. To see her new studio and network with other cool Chicagoland people over cocktails, don't miss it! Click here for details.

See more of Jessie's Craft Social photos in the growing Facebook album, and I'll add the whole works to the Craft Social Flickr group soon.
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