Studio tour

Hi, everyone. Today I'd like to give you a tour of my state-of-the-art outdoor studio. Exit through our back door, step out onto the stair landing, and look down. There it is, with some work in progress.

The prime location of the studio between two urban residential buildings means it draws a lot foot traffic from pedestrians headed to the laundry room, basement storage areas, and dumpsters in the back. Dogs on leashes gallop over to sniff things, and children on tricycles stop and stare. Not ideal. But if I don't need the studio one day, I'm going to open a Dunkin Donuts in this location and get rich.

The latest studio project was spray painting these plastic planters. They used to be fake terra cotta color. No fun. Hey, manufacturers, news flash: if planters aren't made out of clay, you don't have to make them clay-colored. Lime green is much better, we thought. We applied white spray primer for plastic, then painted with Rustoleum Ultra-Cover Gloss in Key Lime. Now, to plant some flowers and herbs using my state-of-the-art greenhouse facility.
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