Some Christmas decorating

For the first year ever, we didn't get a real Christmas tree. I bought this aluminum one on eBay after Christmas last year. I love real trees, but I also like to change things up. And I think if you're going to have a fake tree, it shouldn't even pretend to look like a real tree. So we have this. I made a tree skirt for it out of the Fireworks fabric. (Hey, shipping at JCaroline is only $5 on all domestic orders through Dec. 20, I just discovered.)

And what is that creepy looking garden gnome doing under the tree, you ask? You may remember this post, where I explained that he is Alex's childhood Christmas friend. And that Alex believes he's an elf. So the, um, elf has to stay, he and his little present, which Alex allowed me to rewrap this year. I'd always wondered what was in that box.

I made some vase slip covers, too. You can read my easy tutorial at Modish this week or find it in my archives if you want to make some.

And I had some fabric scraps left so I was going to make a whole bunch of these stuffed ornaments and do a garland or something. Except I lost interest after making just one. And I was so lazy I couldn't even stitch the opening shut after I stuffed it. I used a glue gun. Maybe next time I will try to do a whole sewing project with a glue gun. Yes.
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