Paper berries and branches

A little Saturday experiment: a tiny vase of branches with origami paper berries. I can't decide if I think it's cute or just strange. Where did the inspiration for this come from, you ask?

This stick-circle theme pops up a lot. It's decades old but experiencing a resurgence. (Here, on Patricia fabric from Ikea.) The motif is based on three dimensional branches and berries found in nature, reduced to flat graphic shapes. Which I then attempted to make 3-D again. Silliness!

To make this, find a few delicate little branches (these are from some sort of pine tree). Trim them with a scissors if some of the ends are too long. Then use a circle punch (it will make your life easier) to cut out paper circles. With gel or liquid craft glue, stick the circles together, sandwiching your branch in between.

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