Apartment Therapy behind the scenes

So here's how the AT house tour worked, for anybody who's curious. Last October, an editor from AT emailed asking if we were willing to do a tour of our place. Silly me, I thought that meant they simply wanted some snapshots from around the house, so I dashed off an email saying they could grab some from past posts on this blog. Turns out they send a photographer! Who knew? So months went by, and the shoot finally happened in February.

They sent out Evan Thomas, who is the most personable photographer in probably the whole world. You can check out his great work here. Evan carried in about four tons of lighting equipment and extension cords and set to work. It looked like a movie set in here. Fascinating. I hid in the living room or the office for most of the several-hours-long photo shoot, but at one point I walked past the hallway and discovered Evan doing this:

Which cracked me up. That's been taped to the hallway floor for ages. Obviously. After shooting the rooms, Evan wandered around looking for some interesting little detail shots. Unfortunately, we don't have any interesting little details. He asked if we had any knicknacks or collections, but alas. No knicknacks. So that was it. We hugged, and Evan went home. The end.
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