Dog collars and leashes at JCP

Here's a bit of design work from months ago. I just got samples in the mail. My client L.L. Lily was approached by JC Penney to produce some exclusive dog collar sets, and I was contracted to create designs for the woven ribbon that goes on them. "Something Ellen deGeneres would like" was the instruction. (Apparently Ellen would have a hand in picking the designs, being the official JCP spokesperson.) Um... I have no idea what Ellen's taste in dog collars is. And I have no idea if she ever saw them, but these two options were selected: retro-style greetings and a basic stripe.

The "Hey" design is my fave. It's what I hope dogs are thinking when I pass them on the sidewalk. Instead of, "I would bite you if only my leash was long enough."

The collar and leash sets come with 6' leashes and adjustable collars in sizes S (9"-15"), M (12"-18"), and L (14"-21"). Rumor had it they would be in 600 JCP stores as of Nov. 1. I see they're available online, too.

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