Epic Letterpress machine, part two

Well, folks, I got back on the proverbial horse and tried the L Letterpress again (see yesterday's post here). And a happy customer service report: the company is going to send over a replacement set of the basic plates that came with the machine. Excellent.

Here are my results from today's test. These are all the prints I did; there aren't 50 messed-up ones I'm not showing you. Not bad, right? I avoided the plates that looked curved or warped, which had made it hard to get the roller into some of the low spots without getting too much ink on the higher spots. The plates I tried this time from the Damask set were all flat, which made inking them easier. And I'm pleased to report that the black and purple inks dried quickly.

The only little mishap was that after running the fleur-de-lis through the machine once, I noticed it developed a crack at the top. Maybe the blind monkeys meddled with it when my back was turned? The crack didn't seem to affect the second print, though.

The patterned print was my favorite—it came out flawless both times. Click any of the photos of prints to see them larger. I uploaded an extra-large version of this last photo so you can see the printing more clearly.

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