Rivers and zombies

I've been on a vacation for the last week and a half, though you probably wouldn't know it since I sneakily scheduled posts in advance for most of the days I was gone. We paid a visit to friends in the Pacific Northwest, and while there we took a stroll through Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. The storefront window signs asking zombies not to get blood on the merchandise were mystifying until we began seeing increasing numbers of decked-out undead wandering the streets. Those shop owners weren't kidding. We'd accidentally timed our visit to coincide with a zombie block party. We also spent some time hiding out in a cabin in the Cascades where most places we went looked like the scene above and were zombie-free.

A brief visit to Portland was lots of fun, and I couldn't leave without this handmade bag from Queen Bee Creations. The bag and I are now inseparable. In fact, we both got rained on last night and the bag held up like a champ.
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