Practical orange items for the house

Along with my deliciously orange Swingline stapler, there are some other useful orange items in my house. Have you heard of collapsible bakeware made by FoldTuk? It's pretty neat: you can bake in it, microwave it, put a lid on it, freeze it, dishwash it, and flatten it for storage. I just got this container, and it's surprisingly heavy and sturdy. My little chocolate cake baked up just fine and didn't seem to stick to the pan. The only drawback is that I'm a moron; one minute after I took the cake out of the oven, I decided to move it to the other counter. Since the stuff looks like tupperware and I have a very short memory, I automatically grabbed it without a potholder. I didn't get any burn marks. But I wouldn't recommend testing new bakeware this way.

Of course I'm fond of Fiskars scissors, too. Not just because the brand is orange, but because the quality is great. I'll tell you a secret. Someone at Fiskars noticed the sad, generic black scissors appearing in many of my posts. How is this possible coming from someone who claims to like orange, they wondered! I was mortified by my own hypocrisy. So they took pity and sent me a regular scissors for paper and a pinking shears. Awesome. Now I don't have to borrow my friend's pinker anymore. Good news for you, Megan.

I also adore a set of storage tins I got from Ikea awhile back. This one holds my tape and paper punches. I love cool design that's so affordable I can buy it with spare change from my car. Looks like they don't sell this set anymore, but this new one has orange, too.
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