Bookmarks with vintage fabric

There's a stack of mystery novels from the library on my coffee table, and I decided it would make me happy to have a cute bookmark to use when reading them. But dragging out all the craft stuff wasn't worth it for just one, and all of grandma's fabric scraps were so lovely that I had to make MORE. So I did a bunch and tossed them into the etsy shop.

To make some like this: Use that super-sticky archival Canson self-adhesive paper and cut shapes in it with an X-acto knife. Peel off the backing, stick fabric pieces on to cover the windows you cut, and adhere a second sheet to form the back. Rounding the corners finishes it off.

[Note: Blick stores are the only place I know to get this self-adhesive Canson paper where it's on clearance because they bought out another retailer and are trying to get rid of it. So if you have a Blick near you, go there and buy some pronto. If not, you could try using either regular Canson paper, available in almost every art store, with some spray adhesive or a glue stick, or find other self-adhesive paper. I've seen little books of self-adhesive solid color cardstock at Walmart or Target—one of those big retailers; I forget which one.]
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